September 2023

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What Types of Brain Injuries Are Associated With Car Accidents?

Car accidents are a common cause of injuries that result in hospitalizations and deaths in Nebraska, including brain injuries. Many car accident victims suffer traumatic brain injuries due to the forces involved in the collision, the skull striking objects inside of the vehicle or projectiles penetrating the skull. Even if a victim survives a brain injury, he or she may struggle with long-lasting effects and symptoms. If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with a brain injury after a motor vehicle collision, the Omaha car accident attorneys at Knowles Law Firm can…

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Tips for Understanding Nebraska Car Accident Lawsuits

Every day, car accident victims are sent to hospitals in Nebraska with serious and sometimes life-threatening injuries. If you get involved in a car accident in Omaha, you may be entitled to financial compensation from the at-fault party. Most car accident cases in Nebraska reach settlements, but some result in lawsuits. It is normal to have questions about your car accident case as a victim. For more information, speak to an Omaha car accident attorney at Knowles Law Firm. Is Nebraska a Fault or No-Fault State? Nebraska is a fault state, which means the…

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How Does Car Accident Compensation Work in Nebraska?     

If you get involved in a car accident in Nebraska, you may be faced with expensive medical bills and property damage. Under Nebraska’s car insurance laws, you should not have to pay for collisions that are not your fault. Learn how car accident compensation works under state law to better understand your legal rights after a crash. For assistance with a car accident claim, contact the Omaha car accident attorneys at Knowles Law Firm. Who Pays for a Car Accident in Nebraska? There are two main types of car insurance systems: fault and no-fault….

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