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Outdoor Safety Tips for Child Safety Month 

November is National Child Safety and Protection Month. It is an opportunity for parents and caretakers to evaluate the safety of the children in their care and search for ways to reduce the risk of injury. This includes injuries that may occur outdoors, such as in a yard or playground. While parents cannot be expected to watch every minute of outdoor play, they can take a few simple precautions to make the outdoors safer for their children. Create a Safe Outdoor Play Space Take the time to inspect where your children will be playing….

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Crosswalk School Safety Tips for Kids

Pedestrian safety is paramount, especially when the pedestrian is a vulnerable young child. Despite school zones being heavily marked and recognized as areas where children frequently cross the road, school crosswalks are often the setting of serious and catastrophic pedestrian accidents in Nebraska. Teach these crosswalk school safety tips to your child to help protect him or her from this risk. Cross Only With the Right-of-Way Teach your child the basic right-of-way laws for crosswalks. If your child walks to school or has to cross the road to get to school, make sure he…

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What Are the Most Common Child Injuries?

Unintentional injuries are one of the most common causes of death in children over the age of one. Accidents that cause child injuries take thousands of lives in the US each year. As a parent in Omaha, you may have the power to prevent a serious accident from harming your child with awareness regarding the state’s most common types of child injuries. If something does injure your child, contact an Omaha child injury attorney for assistance seeking justice. Car Accident Injuries Motor vehicle accidents are the leading cause of injury-related childhood deaths in America,…

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What Are the Most Common Playground Injuries?

A playground should be a safe place for children. It should have safety-approved equipment, well-maintained grounds and adequate child supervision. A playground should not contain hazards or defects that pose undue risks to children. Although some playground injuries arise from typical child’s play, other child injuries result from property or equipment defects. Compensation may be available for some of the most common playground injuries depending on the cause of the accident. Broken Bones About 56% of playground injuries that require hospitalization are fractures and abrasions, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention….

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Am I Liable If a Trespasser Gets Injured on My Property?

A property owner’s duties of care in Nebraska change according to the type of visitor. An invitee receives the highest standards of care, while a licensee receives slightly less. A trespasser, on the other hand, does not lawfully have the right to expect any duties of care from a landowner. If you own property in Nebraska where a trespasser suffered an injury, in most cases, the trespasser cannot hold you liable for damages. Important exceptions to the rule exist, however. To learn more about how to deal with an injured trespasser, contact our premises…

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Can a Low-Impact Accident Cause Serious Injuries?

Any car accident can be frightening; even minor accidents with insignificant property damage. A minor accident can still have enough force to inflict serious harm to occupants. Unfortunately, insurance companies can make it more difficult to recover compensation for low-impact car accidents, even if you suffered serious or life-changing injuries. You may need a car accident attorney in Omaha to help you work through your claim and go up against insurance companies on your behalf. Common Injuries in Low-Impact Crashes Thousands of car accidents in Nebraska each year are low impact, meaning the vehicle…

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My Child Was Injured at School…What Can I Do?

No parent should expect a child to go his or her entire childhood without a single injury. Parents should not, however, have to anticipate the risk of severe or life-threatening injuries – especially while at school. Sadly, not every school in Nebraska takes its responsibilities over student safety seriously. Negligence, carelessness and unsafe premises can cause serious student injuries. If your child suffered an injury at school, learn your rights as a parent. Your family may be eligible for a damage award if the school or a staff member should have prevented the accident….

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