Landlord negligence

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5 Signs of a Negligent Landlord

As a tenant in a rented home or apartment in Nebraska, your landlord owes you specific duties of care according to state and federal laws. It is against the law for a landlord to fall short of these duties. If a landlord negligently causes or contributes to an injury that occurs where you live, you may have the right to bring a claim against him or her for damages. Work with a Omaha landlord negligence lawyer in Omaha for assistance with your personal injury lawsuit. A Property in Disrepair One of the main responsibilities…

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I Was Injured in My Apartment…Is My Landlord Liable?

When you rent an apartment, you take over certain responsibilities in terms of premises safety. Anything you add or modify in the apartment will become your responsibility. Your landlord or building owner, however, will retain many duties over the safety and livability of your apartment. If something goes wrong with the inherent structure of the building, heating, water, plumbing, common areas or grounds that causes an injury, your landlord could be liable. Landlord Responsibilities in Nebraska A landlord does not escape all property owner duties when he or she hands the keys of an…

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Renters Rights in Nebraska

You might not be the owner of the property, but as a renter, you still have rights. Your landlord must respect your rights by law in Nebraska. Understanding the basics of state laws concerning renters’ rights could help you stand up for yourself when someone wrongs you. If you do discover a landlord has infringed upon your rights as a tenant, you may need a lawyer’s help. An attorney can review your rental agreement, determine fault and help you seek a fair resolution to the problem. Security Deposit Maximum Many renters do not know…

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