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Much of the United States has worked hard to catch up to the pedestrian friendly cities of Europe.  This has led to a revitalization of downtown communities, new attractions within walking distance of each other, and safer crosswalks.  However, this increase in the number of pedestrian-friendly locations has not increased the attention of car drivers on the roadways of the country.  Car and truck drivers continue to ignore pedestrians, bicyclists, and motorcyclists on many intersections, crosswalks, and other protected areas, resulting in an increased number of pedestrian accidents.  If you or a loved one have been injured in a pedestrian accident, you may be entitled to receive compensation for your injuries.

Rate of Pedestrian Accidents

The growing awareness of pedestrians on the roadways has helped to bring down the number of pedestrian accidents tremendously throughout Nebraska.  The number of pedestrians injured in accidents has dropped from nearly 700 in 1990 to nearly 400 in 2014. This is almost a 50% decrease in the number of pedestrians involved in accidents.  The number of pedestrians killed in Nebraska has experienced a similar decrease in numbers, from a peak of 26 in 1990 to only 9 in 2014.  While these numbers should be zero, the decrease in the number of injuries and fatalities represents a step in the right direction and a better awareness of our surroundings.

However, a similar trend is not visibly evident on a national scale, as the number of pedestrian fatalities has remained relatively stagnant in the last ten years.  In 2004, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported 4,675 pedestrian fatalities compared to 4,735 reported in 2013.  The majority of pedestrian accidents occur in an urban setting, and commonly at intersections.

Pedestrian Accident Recovery

Pedestrians have almost no protection when faced with a motor vehicle barreling directly at them.  As such, injuries can often be severe, requiring weeks of medical care.  You should not be forced to cover medical expenses and the potential loss of a job when you were simply taking advantage of a great day outside.  The responsible motor vehicle driver should be held liable for any injuries sustained in an accident.  An experienced personal injury attorney can better assist you in walking through your individual claim and calculating out the total amount of damages your injuries are worth.

The Knowles Law Firm | Omaha, Nebraska

If you or a loved one have been injured in a pedestrian accident, do not hesitate to contact the experienced attorneys of the Knowles Law Firm.  Our attorneys have years of experience in handling pedestrian accidents and have noted the increase in number of pedestrians on our city streets.  This encourages all of us to take advantage of the weather and promote a healthier way of life.  We should not be punished for choosing to walk rather than drive.  The more often drivers are held accountable for their actions, the fewer pedestrian accidents will occur on our roadways.  Contact our Omaha, Nebraska office today for your initial free consultation.