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Man’s best friend has played a pivotal role in civilization and modern life. It is difficult to walk through any neighborhood without glimpsing a dog walker out for a stroll with his or her four-legged companion. However, as familiar as this sight may be throughout the state, it is important to exercise caution around unfamiliar dogs, especially with your children. If you or a loved one have been injured in a dog bite attack, you may be entitled to receive compensation for your injuries.

Nebraska Dog Bite Laws

Nebraska is one state which provides greater deference to the victims of dog bite attacks. A dog owner will be held strictly liable for any injuries and damage caused by their dog to anyone other than a trespasser. Similar to the duty of care a property owner has for all guests on his or her property, a dog owner has a similar duty of care to all guests in the vicinity of the animal. However, a trespasser does not receive the same level of protection under the animal laws in Nebraska.

Nebraska’s dog bite statute provides that the dog owner will be held liable to any person (aside from a trespasser) for any damages that occur as the result of a dog bite or a dog chasing any person. The Nebraska statute is unique in that it provides for recovery after both a dog bite and other injuries caused by dogs.  The broad wording of this statute will often cover injuries sustained by a dog knocking down or chasing a person. However, Nebraska court cases have held that the statute is not broad enough to cover “playful” dog behavior.

Recovery After Dog Bite

Dog bites can unfortunately cause very serious injuries. A complete veterinary record of the dog will need to be completed in order for medical professionals to fully understand whether the dog has received all its immunizations. In extreme cases, serious infections can occur as a result of a dog bite. Unfortunately, children are more susceptible to dog bite injuries, since they are not yet cautious enough to stay removed from an unfriendly dog, and they make easier targets for aggressive dogs.

Dog bite injuries not only lead to serious physical injuries for children but can also cause severe emotional trauma. Therefore, any claim for damages must take into account not only the physical injuries (and resulting the medical expenses) but the often-times accompanying emotional trauma. An experienced personal injury attorney will be able to fully assess the amount of damages which should be claimed as a result of a dog bite or dog chasing claim.

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