What Can I Do If My Car Was Hit While Parked?

Posted in Accident Information,Car accidents on July 30, 2020

A hit-and-run accident does not only describe a crash that causes personal injuries. It is also a hit-and-run crime to collide with a parked car and leave without stopping. If you return to your parked vehicle in Omaha, Nebraska and discover property damages without a note of explanation left behind, you may still be able to recover compensation. Work with… READ MORE

What Are the Most Common Causes of Bicycle Accidents?

Posted in Accident Information on July 25, 2020

Taking a bicycle out around Omaha, Nebraska should not put your life at risk. Unfortunately, negligent and reckless drivers pose a serious threat to bicyclists around the country. In 2018, 857 bicyclists died and thousands suffered serious injuries in accidents with motor vehicles. In a crash between a bike and a motor vehicle, the bicyclist is more likely to end… READ MORE

5 Signs of a Negligent Landlord

Posted in Accident Information,Landlord negligence on July 18, 2020

As a tenant in a rented home or apartment in Nebraska, your landlord owes you specific duties of care according to state and federal laws. It is against the law for a landlord to fall short of these duties. If a landlord negligently causes or contributes to an injury that occurs where you live, you may have the right to… READ MORE

How to Prove a Bar Injury

Posted in Accident Information on July 20, 2020

An evening out at a bar, restaurant or nightclub in Omaha should not end with a serious personal injury. Unfortunately, hazards such as negligent security, over-served patrons and dangerous premises can make establishments perilous for customers. If someone or something injured you while at a bar in Nebraska, you might have the right to file a claim against one or… READ MORE

What Is Sudden Unintended Acceleration?

Posted in Accident Information,Car accidents on July 8, 2020

The average motor vehicle is dangerous enough without part defects making it even more unsafe for drivers and their passengers. Unfortunately, automakers frequently release vehicles with design and manufacturing defects. One of the most dangerous defects is sudden unintended acceleration – an issue with a vehicle that can cause it to accelerate without instigation from the driver. Find out if… READ MORE

What Should I Do If I Was Injured While Out of State?

Posted in Accident Information,Premises liability on July 2, 2020

Accidents do not only happen in your own state or hometown. They can also happen while you are traveling or on vacation. If you get an injury while out of state, the process for filing a claim and obtaining compensation for your medical bills and property damages may look different than if the accident had happened where you live. Learn… READ MORE

What Is Pro Se Litigation?

Posted in Accident Information on June 30, 2020

As the injured victim (plaintiff) in a personal injury lawsuit in Nebraska, you need to know several important laws and legal terms. Having at least a basic grasp of Nebraska’s personal injury terms could help you protect your rights. Choosing pro se litigation, for example, could be a costly mistake for you as a plaintiff or the right choice, depending… READ MORE

What are Nebraska’s Fireworks Laws?

Posted in Accident Information on June 25, 2020

With Independence Day around the corner, it is important to review the firework laws, rules and statutes in your city and state. Every year, broken firework statutes and the reckless use of fireworks lead to thousands of preventable fires, destroyed properties and personal injuries. Some common serious injuries include third-degree burns and traumatic amputations. Obeying Nebraska’s fireworks laws this Fourth… READ MORE

What Are the Long-Term Effects of a Concussion?

Posted in Accident Information on June 15, 2020

Many people see concussions as minor head injuries – nothing to worry about. In reality, a concussion is a traumatic brain injury that can have several immediate and lasting symptoms for a victim. Severe or multiple concussions can lead to long-term and even life-threatening damages and disabilities. If someone else’s negligence gives another person a concussion, the at-fault party may… READ MORE

What Is the Statute of Limitations On Elder Abuse?

Posted in Elder Abuse on June 8, 2020

Elder abuse is a crime as well as a civil tort. Someone guilty of committing elder abuse could face both criminal and civil liability for the victim’s injuries and damages. As the injured senior citizen or a family member, you may have the right to bring a civil claim against a perpetrator for elder abuse in Nebraska. An Omaha elder… READ MORE