I Hit a Parked Car… Now What?

Posted in Accident Information,Car accidents on May 29, 2020

Not all car accidents involve two moving vehicles. Many involve parked cars – often without the owner present. Hitting a parked car brings with it the same driver responsibilities as a moving car accident in Nebraska. The at-fault driver must stop at the scene, exchange information and file an insurance claim. Taking the right steps after hitting a parked car… READ MORE

What Are the Most Common Playground Injuries?

Posted in Accident Information,Child Injury on May 24, 2020

A playground should be a safe place for children. It should have safety-approved equipment, well-maintained grounds and adequate child supervision. A playground should not contain hazards or defects that pose undue risks to children. Although some playground injuries arise from typical child’s play, other child injuries result from property or equipment defects. Compensation may be available for some of the… READ MORE

What Are the Long-Term Effects of a Dog Bite?

Posted in Dog attack on May 18, 2020

A dog attack can be one of the most gruesome and traumatic incidents for victims and bystanders. The nature of a dog attack can be highly psychologically scarring. It can also leave behind physical scarring and disfigurement. Even a minor dog bite could become infected and cause health complications. The Nebraska courts recognize a dog bite victim’s right to file… READ MORE

What Are the Most Common Causes of a Concussion?

Posted in Accident Information on May 14, 2020

A concussion is traumatic brain injury (TBI). It is a relatively common injury in the US and the most common type of brain injury. Concussion is the term physicians use to describe a mild traumatic brain injury, typically arising from a bump or blow to the skull. A concussion could also occur from violent movement or shaking that causes the… READ MORE

How Long Can I Wait to File a Lawsuit?

Posted in Accident Information,Car accidents,Premises liability,Product Liability,Slip and Fall on May 10, 2020

If you were in an accident that gave you a significant injury or took the life of a loved one, you have the right to file a lawsuit against the party that caused your accident in Nebraska. A lawsuit could give you the peace of mind, justice and closure you need to finally move forward. It could also provide your… READ MORE

What Are the Psychological Effects of Being in a Car Accident?

Posted in Accident Information,Car accidents on May 5, 2020

Most car accidents do not cause physical injuries alone. They can also affect a victim psychologically, mentally and emotionally. The psychological effects of being in a car accident can remain long after physical injuries have healed. In Nebraska, the civil courts give crash survivors the right to pursue compensation for their nonphysical as well as physical injuries. You may be… READ MORE

Who Is at Fault for an Accident Caused by Weather?

Posted in Uncategorized on April 29, 2020

Car accidents happen in Omaha for many different reasons. Most reasons will allow a victim to seek financial compensation for injuries and property damages, such as crashes caused by negligent or reckless drivers. You might assume that an accident caused by bad weather, such as rain or fog, is no one’s fault – and that you therefore will not have… READ MORE

What Can I Do If I Was Misdiagnosed in Relation to Coronavirus?

Posted in Accident Information on April 20, 2020

In the current uncertain state of the world amid the coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic, some patients are suffering the effects of misdiagnoses. A doctor could misdiagnose COVID-19 as something else, such as the seasonal flu, or vice versa. A doctor could also make the mistake of failing to diagnose a patient who has the coronavirus, allowing that person to continue interacting with… READ MORE

Are Pressure Ulcers a Sign of Elder Abuse?

Posted in Elder Abuse on April 14, 2020

Elder abuse is a terrible crime that affects tens of thousands of senior citizens around the US. It refers to the intentional harming of an elderly individual (someone 65 or older). Elder abuse can affect a victim physically, emotionally, mentally and/or financially. Elder abuse can present itself in many ways. One is the physical neglect of an elderly person in… READ MORE

Can Social Media Negatively Impact Your Case?

Posted in Accident Information,Car accidents,Pedestrian accidents on April 9, 2020

Social media can do more damage to a case than you think. It is more than just a social platform among friends or family members. The defense could use social media accounts as evidence during court cases. Social media could have the power to change your personal injury case’s outcome. Misusing social media, such as by posting the wrong thing… READ MORE