Do Truck Companies Drug Test Their Drivers After a Crash?

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Operating a commercial truck under the influence of drugs or alcohol is an extremely reckless mistake that can result in catastrophic traffic accidents, injuries, and deaths. If you get involved in a truck accident and believe the truck driver was under the influence of something, the trucking company will most likely have to conduct a drug test under federal law.… READ MORE

How Can Car Maintenance Affect a Claim?

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Not all car accidents in Nebraska trace back to driver error. In some cases, car accidents arise from poor vehicle maintenance or low-quality repairs. If an investigation finds that a lack of proper car maintenance caused or contributed to a car accident, the person responsible for maintaining the vehicle – the owner, a company, or an auto mechanic – could… READ MORE

What to Do if the At-Fault Driver Offers You Money After a Crash?

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A relatively common occurrence after a car accident in Nebraska is the at-fault driver offering to pay cash instead of involving insurance companies. While this may seem like the simplest solution, it is important not to accept this type of offer. The offer may fall through, the driver may give you false information or it may not properly compensate you… READ MORE

What to Do After You Are Hit By a Car?

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Every year, dozens of bicyclists and pedestrians in Nebraska suffer serious injuries from being struck by motor vehicles. These road users are the most vulnerable to injury and should take certain steps to protect themselves physically, financially, and emotionally after accidents. If you get hit by a motor vehicle in Omaha, take these steps to begin the recovery process.  Check… READ MORE

What Is Wrongful Death?

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Wrongful death is the tragedy of someone losing his or her life because of the avoidable actions of another person. It is also a type of civil lawsuit in Nebraska. A wrongful death lawsuit can bring surviving family members closure, answers, and justice. It can also provide important financial compensation to help the family pay for related costs. Learn more… READ MORE

What Are the Most Dangerous Jobs In Construction?

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Construction is one of the most important industries in the modern world. It is also the most dangerous. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), the construction industry has more worker deaths than any other industry each year. In 2019, 1,061 workers in construction lost their lives on the job. Any career in construction can come with risks… READ MORE

The Facts About Distracted Driving

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Distracted driving is one of the greatest dangers that today’s drivers face. Many drivers overestimate their abilities to safely operate motor vehicles while also engaging in other activities, such as using their cell phones. Driving requires a driver’s full attention, however. Any amount of driver distraction or inattention can result in a serious car accident and personal injury. Get the… READ MORE

The Different Severities Of Burns

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Burns are painful and often debilitating injuries. They can be physically and emotionally scarring. A burn can damage the skin and underlying tissues, often resulting in permanent scarring or disfigurement. Physicians categorize burn injuries into three degrees based on burn severity. This allows them to administer the proper treatment. First Degree A first-degree burn is the most minor degree. A… READ MORE

Early Signs Of A Negligent Landlord

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Rental properties can be full of opportunities for accidents, injuries, and larger-scale disasters – especially when a landlord is careless or negligent. Unfortunately, not all landlords and property owners are responsible. Many try to cut costs by neglecting basic property maintenance. Others don’t respond to tenants’ concerns or needs. Keep an eye out for these five early signs of a… READ MORE

When Are Pedestrians Liable for a Car Accident?

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Fault is never assumed in a car accident case – even a crash that causes more harm to one victim than the other. Instead, each case is carefully assessed and investigated by an insurance company for signs and evidence to prove fault. If you are involved in a car accident with a pedestrian in Nebraska, it is possible that the… READ MORE