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April 3, 2023 1p21.admin

Worst Mistakes to Make After a Dog Bite

Dog attacks can cause severe and life-threatening injuries. A victim may not be able to ever fully recover from a serious dog bite injury and could suffer lasting physical and emotional scars. If you get bitten by a dog in Nebraska, it is important to take certain steps to protect your health and legal rights. This includes avoiding these common dog bite injury mistakes. Admitting Fault It may be in your nature to be polite or not want to cause a scene. After a dog bites you, you may instinctively tell the pet owner,…

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February 2, 2023 1p21.admin

Can I Sue for a Minor Dog Bite in Nebraska?

If you get bitten or injured by a dog in Nebraska, no matter how minor the injury, the owner of the dog will most likely be responsible for your medical bills and any other damage caused under the state’s strict dog bite liability law. Most dog bite injury cases are resolved with insurance claim settlements; however, there are circumstances when you might have to sue for a minor dog bite injury in Nebraska. Nebraska’s Dog Bite Law In Nebraska, dog owners are held strictly liable for the actions of their pets. Strict liability means…

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Who Is Liable If I Was Bitten By a Stray Dog?

It can be important to seek financial recovery for a dog bite injury in Omaha, Nebraska. Recovering financial compensation could enable you and your family to pay for outstanding medical bills, repair damaged property and move forward. Holding someone accountable could also bring justice and peace of mind. If the dog that attacked you was a stray with no known owner, it could be more difficult to obtain compensation. What Are Nebraska’s Dog Bite Laws? In a typical dog bite case, in which the victim knows the identity of the owner, the owner will…

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What Are the Long-Term Effects of a Dog Bite?

A dog attack can be one of the most gruesome and traumatic incidents for victims and bystanders. The nature of a dog attack can be highly psychologically scarring. It can also leave behind physical scarring and disfigurement. Even a minor dog bite could become infected and cause health complications. The Nebraska courts recognize a dog bite victim’s right to file a claim for compensation for the long-term effects of an injury. Complications and Infections It is critical to treat a dog bite injury immediately after it happens. Waiting can increase the risks of the…

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Am I Required to Report a Dog Bite?

Dogs are beloved pets around the country, but they are also behind thousands of serious injuries and deaths every year. When a dog attacks, injuries can be catastrophic for the victim. Even a bite from a small dog can lead to pain, suffering, infection, medical bills and permanent scars. Learn when to report a dog bite in Nebraska – as well as whether the law requires reporting – and your rights as a victim with help from an Omaha dog bite lawyer. Document the Attack Before you leave the scene where the dog attack…

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Am I Liable If a Trespasser Gets Injured on My Property?

A property owner’s duties of care in Nebraska change according to the type of visitor. An invitee receives the highest standards of care, while a licensee receives slightly less. A trespasser, on the other hand, does not lawfully have the right to expect any duties of care from a landowner. If you own property in Nebraska where a trespasser suffered an injury, in most cases, the trespasser cannot hold you liable for damages. Important exceptions to the rule exist, however. To learn more about how to deal with an injured trespasser, contact our premises…

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Nebraska Dog Bite Law

After dog attacks, life may never be the same. You may suffer an injury that leaves permanent scars or disfigurement. You might also have to cope with emotional or psychological issues after the attack, such as post-traumatic stress disorder. Understanding Nebraska’s dog bite laws could help you feel more in control of your life and future. The law may entitle you to compensation you could use to move on after significant injuries. Contact an Omaha dog bite attorney today. Nebraska Has Strict Liability Dog Bite Laws Most states abide by either strict liability or…

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