Motorcycle accidents

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What Are the Most Common Motorcycle Accident Injuries?   

Every year, thousands of motorcyclists get sent to hospitals and emergency rooms with serious and life-threatening injuries. Traffic accidents pose more of a threat to motorcyclists than passenger vehicle occupants. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration states that motorcyclists are about 28 times more likely than people in passenger cars to suffer fatal injuries in collisions. Due to the nature of a motorcycle, riders face unique injury risks. Bone Fractures Motorcyclists do not have the protective metal shell, airbag or seat belt of a motor vehicle to safeguard them from harm in a crash….

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What Features Can Make My Motorcycle Safer?

Every year, thousands of motorcyclists end up in hospitals with serious and fatal injuries from motorcycle accidents. Crash data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reported that 82,528 motorcyclists were injured and 5,579 were killed in traffic accidents in 2020. Motorcycle crash rates have increased by 20 percent from 2011 to 2020. You can decrease your risk of serious injury by investing in the latest motorcycle safety features and technology. Contact a Nebraska Motorcycle Accident Lawyer to schedule your free accident consultation. Anti-Lock Braking System  While passenger cars have had anti-lock braking…

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How Are Nebraska Motorcycle Insurance Laws Different?

If you operate any type of motor vehicle in Nebraska, it is important to understand how the state’s insurance system works. If you get injured or suffer property damage in a motorcycle accident in Omaha, you will need to know whose insurance will pay for these losses, as well as how to file a claim. Here’s everything you need to know about Nebraska’s current motorcycle insurance laws. Do You Need Motorcycle Insurance in Nebraska? Yes. Automobile insurance is required for all motorcycle riders in the State of Nebraska. If a motorcyclist is caught riding…

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What Happens After a Fatal Motorcycle Crash?

Riding a motorcycle comes with a relatively high risk of suffering serious and fatal injuries in an accident. Motorcyclists are approximately 28 times more likely to die in traffic accidents than other motorists, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. If you lost a loved one in a tragic motorcycle accident in Nebraska, knowing what comes next can help you and your family prepare for the process ahead. Reporting the Accident Immediately after the accident, someone at the scene should call 911 to report a severely injured, unconscious or deceased motorcyclist. It is…

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What Rights Do Motorcyclists Have?

Being a motorcyclist in Nebraska gives you all the same rights as someone behind the wheel of a traditional motor vehicle. You and a vehicle driver share the same rights to the road, as well as many of the same responsibilities. It is up to you to obey your state’s rules for using your motorcycle safely and correctly. Understanding your rights as a motorcyclist could help you protect them during a motorcycle accident claim in Omaha. Rights to the Road Motorcyclists may operate their vehicles on all the same roads as regular motor vehicle…

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Is it Legal to Lane Split on a Motorcycle in Nebraska?

Lane splitting refers to riding between two lanes of same-direction traffic on a motorcycle, rather than keeping only in one lane. Motorcyclists may try to lane split to pass slower-moving vehicles in heavy traffic. Lane splitting is an illegal traffic maneuver for motorcyclists in every state except California and Utah. It is not legal to lane split on a motorcycle in Nebraska. Doing so could mean a traffic infraction and fines, as well as civil liability if the motorcyclist causes a motorcycle accident. Why Do Motorcyclists Lane Split? Lane splitting became a subject of…

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