5 Motorcycle Passenger Safety Tips  

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If you know someone with a motorcycle, you may be excited to experience the thrill of riding it as a passenger. While this can be exhilarating, especially on Nebraska’s open roads, it can also be dangerous. Due to the high risk of injury motorcyclists and passengers face, it is crucial to follow all safety protocols, including wearing safety gear, communicating with the operator, maintaining a balanced body position, remaining alert, and mounting and dismounting the motorcycle properly.

Sometimes, even if you follow all safety measures, you may still get injured in a motorcycle accident due to someone else’s negligence. In that case, our experienced lawyers at Knowles Law Firm are here to help. With our unmatched legal services and personalized strategies, we have obtained multi-million dollar settlements for our clients. You can trust us to take on your motorcycle accident claim and advocate for the maximum compensation you deserve. 

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How to Stay Safe as a Motorcycle Passenger

Riding on a motorcycle as passenger involves more than sitting behind the driver and enjoying the ride. It’s essential for your safety to be an active passenger. Consider the following safety tips to ensure a comfortable and smooth motorcycle experience:

Wear Safety Gear

Wearing the proper gear when riding on a motorcycle ensures you follow all state laws and stay protected from the elements in an accident. According to Nebraska law, passengers under 21 must wear a helmet. Those over 21 are not required to wear a helmet if they wear eye protection and have completed a basic motorcycle safety course. Having eye and ear protection, as well as long-sleeved jackets and pants, gloves, and boots, helps protect your skin from the heat of the motorcycle’s exhaust pipes and the impact of the wind.

Communicate With the Driver

Maintaining communication with the motorcycle operator before and during the ride helps keep you safe and comfortable. Before riding, you can discuss expectations, hand signals, and ways to communicate during the ride. As a passenger, you can use nonverbal communication, such as taps or hand motions, to indicate to the driver if you feel uneasy or want to stop.

Maintain Body Position

Another aspect of being a safe motorcycle passenger is keeping a natural body position. This involves bracing yourself for turns and stops, gently leaning into turns, and keeping your arms around the driver’s waist, hips, belt loops, or handlebars if their motorcycle has them. Taking these actions and discussing them before the ride allows the driver to focus on the road and helps you stay comfortable and safe.

Stay Active

Even though you are not driving the motorcycle, it is important to remain an active passenger and pay close attention to the road and your surroundings. For example, you can point out potential hazards, upcoming stop signs, or merging lanes to the driver so they can slow down, speed up, or stop accordingly. Being an extra set of eyes can help the driver focus on the road with reassurance that you are staying vigilant as well.

Mount and Dismount Properly

While getting on and off a motorcycle may seem simple, doing so without warning the driver can cause them to lose balance or fall over. You and the driver can communicate about the side you get on, if you will use the driver’s body to steady yourself, if you will use a foot peg as a step, and when you can safely mount and dismount the motorcycle. 

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Before riding on a motorcycle as a passenger, it is crucial to understand the basics of your role, how to stay safe, and what will help the driver have a stress-free, comfortable experience. Unfortunately, even if you and the motorcycle operator uphold your duties to act responsibly, other drivers around you may neglect theirs, causing an accident and injuries. Our experienced lawyers at Knowles Law Firm have represented Nebraska motorcycle accident victims for years, so you can trust us to take on your claim and fight for your rights. We work closely with you from the beginning, developing a personalized strategy tailored to your unique needs. To schedule a free consultation, call us at (402) 431-9000 or fill out our contact form today.