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Nebraska Winter Injury Safety Tips

Winter in Nebraska poses unique challenges for drivers and homeowners, including several cold-weather safety and health concerns. To stay safe this winter, it is important to recognize common injury risks and take precautions to prevent them. Wintertime Car Accident Prevention Tips The risk of automobile accidents increases in winter due to adverse weather conditions and dangerous roads. Winter snowstorms in Nebraska can lead to inches of precipitation covering the road as well as a dangerous accumulation of ice. This includes black ice, which is a thin layer of ice that can be invisible to…

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Who Is Most at Risk for Slip and Fall Injuries?

Slip and fall accidents send millions of people to emergency departments annually throughout the United States. Falls can result in serious or life-changing injuries, including broken bones or head trauma. While anyone could suffer a severe injury in a slip or trip and fall accident, certain demographics are more at risk than others. The Elderly (65 and Over) Older adults and senior citizens – those 65 years and older – are at high risk of suffering catastrophic and fatal injuries in slip and fall accidents. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention…

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What Are Long-Term Injuries From a Slip and Fall Accident?

Many people assume slip and falls are minor accidents that can cause a few bumps and bruises, at most. Victims of serious falls, however, can attest to the potentially catastrophic nature of these accidents. A slip and fall accident that injures a senior citizen, or one that involves dangerous circumstances such as a long drop, can cause many long-term injuries. Hip Fractures and Related Complications Falls are a common cause of serious injuries and deaths in the elderly population. One in five fall accidents causes serious injuries, such as broken bones (source: the Centers…

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How Long Can I Wait to File a Lawsuit?

If you were in an accident that gave you a significant injury or took the life of a loved one, you have the right to file a lawsuit against the party that caused your accident in Nebraska. A lawsuit could give you the peace of mind, justice and closure you need to finally move forward. It could also provide your family with the financial ability to pay off your medical bills, property repairs and other damages related to the accident. If you have grounds for a lawsuit, however, you must act quickly to file…

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What Are the Types of Spinal Injuries?

Spinal cord injuries are relatively uncommon. The incidence rate of spine injuries per year in the US is about 54 cases per 1 million people, according to the 2019 Spinal Cord Injury Data Sheet from the National Spinal Cord Injury Statistical Center (NSCSC). This equates to around 17,730 new cases each year. There are up to 363,000 people living with spinal cord injuries in the US, however. The most common causes of spine injuries are car accidents, slip and falls, acts of violence and sports. Every spine injury is unique, and all spinal injuries…

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What Are the Most Common Slip and Fall Accidents?

Slip and fall accidents are a common reason for premises liability claims in Nebraska. It is a property owner’s responsibility to prevent slip and falls by properly maintaining a premises. The owner may need to inspect the property for floor defects, remedy obvious hazards and warn visitors of known fall risks. When a property owner fails in these duties, many types of slip and fall accidents can occur. Wet Floor Accidents Slipping and falling on a premises can occur if an uncleaned and unmarked spill is on the floor. A spilled drink in a…

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Am I Liable If a Trespasser Gets Injured on My Property?

A property owner’s duties of care in Nebraska change according to the type of visitor. An invitee receives the highest standards of care, while a licensee receives slightly less. A trespasser, on the other hand, does not lawfully have the right to expect any duties of care from a landowner. If you own property in Nebraska where a trespasser suffered an injury, in most cases, the trespasser cannot hold you liable for damages. Important exceptions to the rule exist, however. To learn more about how to deal with an injured trespasser, contact our premises…

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How to Prove Fault in a Slip and Fall Claim

Slip and fall accidents are some of the most common causes of customer and guest injuries in Omaha, Nebraska. Shopping malls, grocery stores, and other businesses may fail to reasonably prevent customer falls by ignoring spills or failing to post warning signs. After a slip and fall accident that causes serious injuries, you may be eligible for financial recovery. Obtaining this recovery, however, will take proving one or more party’s fault for the fall. Report Your Accident Right Away Failing to report your slip and fall to a manager or supervisor could immediately hurt…

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