Nebraska Winter Injury Safety Tips

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Winter in Nebraska poses unique challenges for drivers and homeowners, including several cold-weather safety and health concerns. To stay safe this winter, it is important to recognize common injury risks and take precautions to prevent them.

Nebraska Winter Injury Safety Tips

Wintertime Car Accident Prevention Tips

The risk of automobile accidents increases in winter due to adverse weather conditions and dangerous roads. Winter snowstorms in Nebraska can lead to inches of precipitation covering the road as well as a dangerous accumulation of ice. This includes black ice, which is a thin layer of ice that can be invisible to drivers. 

Decrease your risk of a car accident this winter by reducing your speed and increasing your following distance. Pay attention to the road at all times. Check the weather before you leave; if bad weather is predicted, stay home, if possible. Keep a lookout for drunk drivers, as alcohol-related car accidents occur more often around the holidays.

Preventing Slip and Fall Accidents on Snow and Ice

The rate of slip and fall accidents drastically increases in the winter months due to cold-weather precipitation. Nebraska receives an average of 20 to 30 inches of snowfall annually, mainly between the months of November and March. When a property owner permits snow to accumulate on sidewalks, walkways, driveways and staircases, it creates a serious slip and fall accident risk.

You may be able to prevent a slip and fall accident by wearing shoes with good traction. Reduce the speed of your walk and take shorter steps. Do not walk while distracted or looking down at a cell phone; pay attention to the surface in front of you to look for dangerous patches of ice. If you get injured in a slip and fall accident, you may be able to bring a premises liability claim against the property owner for failing to shovel away snow.

Avoiding Winter Sports Injuries

If you plan on engaging in outdoor winter activities or sports, such as skiing, snowboarding or sledding, take steps to prevent related injuries. Warm up properly to prevent muscle strains and sprains from stiff joints. Use the proper equipment and safety gear, such as a helmet that fits correctly. Know your limits; do not attempt winter sports that are outside of your comfort zone or skill level. Stay warm, hydrated and bring a friend with you in case something goes wrong.

Winter Home Safety Tips

Serious accidents can happen right at home. Take the time to winterize your home – both indoors and outdoors – to reduce your risk of an accident this season. Hazards to look out for include:

  • Slip and trip risks. Keep your driveway free of snow and ice. Make sure stair handrails are in good condition. Decrease clutter and avoid putting lights or cords in walkways.
  • House fires. Have your furnace and portable heaters inspected by a professional before using them for the first time. Never fall asleep with candles lit. Make sure your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are in good working order.
  • Hypothermia. Dress warmly in cold conditions and use a heater or fireplace as necessary. If you feel confused or cannot stop shivering, seek medical attention.
  • Weather emergencies. Stay informed about winter weather conditions and severe storm systems. Prepare ahead of time by stocking your home with enough food and emergency supplies to last.

If you get injured in any type of accident in Nebraska this winter, contact the Omaha personal injury lawyers at Knowles Law Firm for a free case evaluation. You may be eligible for financial compensation.