Pedestrian accidents

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Crosswalk School Safety Tips for Kids

Pedestrian safety is paramount, especially when the pedestrian is a vulnerable young child. Despite school zones being heavily marked and recognized as areas where children frequently cross the road, school crosswalks are often the setting of serious and catastrophic pedestrian accidents in Nebraska. Teach these crosswalk school safety tips to your child to help protect him or her from this risk. Cross Only With the Right-of-Way Teach your child the basic right-of-way laws for crosswalks. If your child walks to school or has to cross the road to get to school, make sure he…

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Can Social Media Negatively Impact Your Case?

Social media can do more damage to a case than you think. It is more than just a social platform among friends or family members. The defense could use social media accounts as evidence during court cases. Social media could have the power to change your personal injury case’s outcome. Misusing social media, such as by posting the wrong thing at the wrong time, could reduce your chances of a positive result. It is best to stay off of social media entirely while your case is ongoing. Social Media Activity as Proof of a…

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What Is the Duty of a Pedestrian?

Many people assume that because pedestrians are the road’s most vulnerable users, they do not have any responsibilities in terms of safety or roadway rules. While pedestrians are at the greatest risk of injury in accidents, they still have traffic laws they must obey. Nebraska has state and municipal laws outlining pedestrian responsibilities when navigating the streets and sidewalks. Before you decide to walk or jog around Nebraska, learn your duties to help prevent an accident. Know the Rights-of-Way Pedestrians do not automatically bear the right-of-way. Like other roadway users, they must yield the…

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What Is a Right Hook Accident?

Cycling is a popular mode of transportation in Nebraska, but it can also be highly dangerous. Not all drivers respect bicyclists’ rights to the road. Many people drive distracted, drowsy, drunk or otherwise unable to safely control a vehicle. Unsafe drivers can lead to catastrophic and fatal collisions with bicyclists. In 2018, Nebraska recorded 238 bicyclist accidents, with dozens of injuries and no deaths. The right hook is one of the most common accidents impacting cyclists in Omaha. How a Right Hook Can Happen A right hook accident refers to a motorist striking a…

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What Can I Do if I Was Hit By a Car as a Pedestrian?

Walking around Omaha could come with significant risks. A negligent or distracted driver could hit you while you are crossing the street or even on the sidewalk. If a vehicle strikes you, you could suffer life-changing personal injuries. You may have grounds for a civil liability lawsuit against the at-fault driver with the help of an Omaha pedestrian accidents attorney. Pedestrian Rights in Nebraska In 2018, 24 pedestrians died in Nebraska – the highest death toll in 10 years. An additional 357 pedestrians suffered injuries in traffic accidents. Pedestrians do not always have the right-of-way in…

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Nebraska Driving Laws for Senior Citizens

Certain facilities decline with age. An elderly person’s vision, hearing, strength, reflexes and reaction time may not be what they once were. These are all important qualities in a driver, making it important for state laws to stay on top of aging drivers. Like most states, Nebraska has special driving laws reserved for senior citizens. These laws aim to improve roadway safety and enable senior citizens to drive as long as possible. Drivers 72 and Older Must Renew in Person Every driver, regardless of age, must renew his or her driver’s license every five…

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