How to Navigate Insurance Tactics After a Motorcycle Accident: Overcoming Unfair Bias

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If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident, recovering from the physical injuries and emotional distress can be an uphill battle. Add to that the daunting task of navigating the process of making an insurance claim, and it is not uncommon to feel overwhelmed and hopeless.  Witnesses, police officers, and insurance claims adjusters may have an inherent bias against motorcyclists, portraying them as reckless and risk takers, regardless of the facts.

We can empower you with essential knowledge and strategies to assert your rights and handle your claims fairly. Knowles Law Firm wants to help you overcome the stereotypes that unjustly complicate the claims process for motorcyclists. We have obtained multi-million dollar settlements for victims in need, and we may be able to do the same for you. If you want assistance handling your claim, including navigating communication with insurance companies, you can call Knowles Law Firm.

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How Should You Communicate With Insurance Adjusters?

When you communicate with insurance adjusters, you may feel overwhelmed. If you’re concerned about saying something wrong, we can help you choose your words and decide what information to share.

Generally speaking, we suggest sharing as little information as possible with insurance adjusters. They will ask all kinds of questions about the accident and you should provide the minimum amount of information necessary.. Further explaining yourself may not be helpful, as you might share information they could use against you. 

The less information you share, the less opportunity insurance adjusters will have to reduce the value of your claim. If you need additional assistance, we encourage you to speak with an attorney dedicated to your claim. A lawyer, such as one from Knowles Law Firm, can provide further valuable assistance.

What if Your Claim Is Denied or Underpaid?

If your claim is denied or underpaid, not all hope is lost. An insurance company may not be correctly valuing your claim for several reasons, including bad faith. If a claim is denied or you feel you are being underpaid, you should contact a personal injury attorney to obtain their opinion on the matter.

 Working with a qualified attorney makes you more likely to receive a fair financial recovery. This is because when an insurance company is speaking to a personal injury attorney, they are dealing with someone that has the education, training, and experience in the insurance claims process. The insurance company can no longer take advantage of an accident victim who is likely dealing with an insurance claim for the first time.

Your attorney from Knowles Law Firm can help you communicate with insurance adjusters, file appeals, and negotiate on your behalf. We encourage you to speak with an attorney from our firm as soon as possible, even if you have not spoken with an insurance company yet. The sooner you reach out to us, the better your opportunity to obtain complete compensation for your injuries, losses, and suffering. 

How Can a Lawyer Help You Overcome Insurance Bias?

We know that insurance companies can be biased against motorcyclists, as there are unfair stereotypes about these motorists. Regardless of your transportation type, your rights should be protected and respected.

At Knowles Law Firm, we know that insurance companies must treat you fairly. We can help you receive complete compensation with our support, including through the following services we provide:

  • Conduct an independent investigation
  • Negotiate with every party
  • Collect evidence to prove liability
  • Assure that all documents are filed correctly and promptly
  • Work with medical providers to obtain missing records
  • Faster delivery of paperwork from relevant personnel
  • An understanding of the legal system so you can navigate your claim with confidence

We can also assist you in many additional ways. We encourage you to refrain from representing yourself during your motorcycle accident claim, especially if you have been hurt. 

Self-representation can result in drastically reduced compensation. But when you work with an attorney from Knowles Law Firm, we can reduce your stress, close your claim more quickly, and maximize your financial compensation. 

Fight for Complete Compensation and Fair Treatment: Call Knowles Law Firm for Help With Your Motorcycle Accident Claim

If you’re struggling to navigate the complex world of insurance claims following a motorcycle accident, you don’t have to face it alone. At Knowles Law Firm, we know how to preserve and protect motorcyclists’ rights. Our firm wants to ensure that insurance companies treat your claim with the fairness and respect it deserves. We understand the unique challenges bikers face, so we are committed to ensuring that you receive complete compensation for your injuries and losses. 

Don’t let insurance tactics intimidate you or undervalue your claim. Contact Knowles Law Firm today to schedule a free consultation with one of our talented and dedicated attorneys. We are available 24/7 to provide you with the legal support you need. Call us at (402) 431-9000 or complete our contact form to retain our support and hold insurance companies accountable. Allow us to handle the stressors of your claim so that you can focus on your recovery.