September 2021

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When Are Pedestrians Liable for a Car Accident?

Fault is never assumed in a car accident case – even a crash that causes more harm to one victim than the other. Instead, each case is carefully assessed and investigated by an insurance company for signs and evidence to prove fault. If you are involved in a car accident with a pedestrian in Nebraska, it is possible that the pedestrian bears or shares liability (financial responsibility) for the crash. Understanding Nebraska’s pedestrian liability laws can help you protect your right to recover financially. Do Pedestrians Always Have the Right-of-Way? No. Pedestrians do not…

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What to Do After a Side-Impact Accident

A side-impact accident is a type of car crash where the sides of two vehicles collide. These collisions often take place when one vehicle makes an unsafe merge or lane change or cuts another driver off. These car accident cases can be complicated, as both drivers may believe that they had the right-of-way. Taking the correct steps after a side-impact accident can help you protect your legal rights and recover the financial compensation that you require. Stop and Assess Always pull over as close to the scene of an auto accident as possible. Nebraska…

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What Are the Different Ways to Collect on a Personal Injury Judgment?

If you were injured in an accident that was caused by someone else’s carelessness or recklessness, you may be entitled to financial compensation through a personal injury case. Most personal injury claims settle, meaning that they are resolved with agreements between the injured party and the insurance company. Some, however, require trials that may end in judgment awards. Either way, you may need assistance from an Omaha personal injury attorney to collect the money that you are owed. Wait for a Settlement Check The majority of personal injury cases are resolved with settlements. Settlements…

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What Is the Difference Between Actual and Proximate Cause?

If you’re injured in an accident that was caused by someone else in Omaha, Nebraska, you may be able to recover financial compensation for your medical bills, property repairs, and other losses. As the filing party, or plaintiff, however, it is your responsibility to prove the elements of your case as more likely to be true than not true. One of these elements is causation. Elements of Proof in a Personal Injury Case in Nebraska A civil case aims to hold one or more parties legally and financially responsible, or liable, for an accident,…

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Long-Term Costs of Brain Injuries

An injury to the brain can cause serious and lasting damage to a victim. If you or a loved one has suffered a brain injury in an auto accident, fall, act of violence, or other circumstances, you may be facing a lifetime of related complications. Understanding the common long-term costs of brain injuries could allow your family to seek the financial compensation that you deserve through the civil justice system. For more information about recovering financially from the long-term effects of a brain injury, contact an Omaha brain injury attorney. Permanent Disability A traumatic…

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Damages to Look for After a Rear-End Car Accident

As a driver involved in a rear-end car accident, you might immediately notice cosmetic or more significant vehicle damage from the impact, as well as signs of a physical injury. It is important, however, to keep an eye out for delayed or hidden damages after a rear-end car accident, as well. These collisions can cause more damage than you might initially realize. Hidden Vehicle Damage Hidden vehicle damage is a significant concern after a rear-end car accident. Hidden damage is especially common after a minor collision, such as a low-speed fender bender, as an…

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