November 2021

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Do Truck Companies Drug Test Their Drivers After a Crash?

Operating a commercial truck under the influence of drugs or alcohol is an extremely reckless mistake that can result in catastrophic traffic accidents, injuries, and deaths. If you get involved in a truck accident and believe the truck driver was under the influence of something, the trucking company will most likely have to conduct a drug test under federal law. You may be able to use the results of an employer-provided drug test as evidence against the truck driver during a truck accident claim. Federal Drug and Alcohol Testing Requirements The federal government has…

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How Can Car Maintenance Affect a Claim?

Not all car accidents in Nebraska trace back to driver error. In some cases, car accidents arise from poor vehicle maintenance or low-quality repairs. If an investigation finds that a lack of proper car maintenance caused or contributed to a car accident, the person responsible for maintaining the vehicle – the owner, a company, or an auto mechanic – could be held liable for the collision. Poor Maintenance and Vehicle Breakdowns All vehicle owners have a legal responsibility to properly maintain their vehicles. This means to keep them in proper working condition and ensure…

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What to Do if the At-Fault Driver Offers You Money After a Crash?

A relatively common occurrence after a car accident in Nebraska is the at-fault driver offering to pay cash instead of involving insurance companies. While this may seem like the simplest solution, it is important not to accept this type of offer. The offer may fall through, the driver may give you false information or it may not properly compensate you for the full extent of your losses. Take the following steps if you find yourself in this position after a car accident in Omaha. Don’t Admit Fault First, don’t admit any fault for the…

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