October 2019

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What to Do When You Get Pulled Over

Your actions during a traffic stop can have an enormous impact on what happens next. The police officer conducting the stop may be scrutinizing you for reasons to investigate further, bring criminal charges or search your vehicle. One false move could lead to a hefty traffic citation or even an arrest. Taking the right steps and knowing what to do during a traffic stop in Omaha could make all the difference. Pull Immediately to the Side As soon as you see flashing police lights behind you or hear a siren, pull to the side…

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I Was Assaulted By a Bouncer…Can I Sue the Bar?

A bouncer’s job is to keep a nightclub or bar safe and secure. Bouncers check identification cards, protect properties from damage, escort drunken and disorderly individuals from the premises, and break up fights. Sometimes, however, the bouncer can be the one that causes an injury through physical assault or battery. If you believe a bouncer assaulted you in Omaha, you may be eligible for financial compensation through a civil lawsuit with the help of an Omaha premises liability lawyer. The Laws of Vicarious Liability Taking legal action against a bouncer individually may not result…

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