June 2022

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Car Seat Laws in Nebraska

Nevada has a strong record of car seat safety, with The Safety Restraint Coalition noting that in 2016 records show that 96% of children in Nebraska were safely secured in vehicles by following the state’s car seat law and restraint safety. However, despite this strong record of safety, there were a number of injuries to children in accidents, whether due to their being too large for car seats or booster seats, or because drivers do not follow the law. Failure to Follow Child-Seat Laws Can Lead to Significant Injury When children are not adequately…

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What To Know About Whiplash After A Car Accident?

Whiplash is a very common neck injury that happens in car accidents. The Mayo Clinic explains that whiplash is due to a forceful, rapid back-and-forth movement of the neck, and gets its name due to the similarity of the motion with cracking a whip. Your neck however is not made of flexible rubber, and when you experience whiplash serious injury that leads to substantial medical costs may occur. While many individuals who experience whiplash may recover in a few weeks after a treatment plan that includes pain medication and exercise, others will experience chronic…

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Most Important Evidence to Collect After a Car Accident

If you have been in an accident around Omaha, you’ll need to put together the best possible case for your personal injury claim to collect what you are entitled to. This means that it is essential that you collect as much evidence as possible about your crash. The more evidence you have in support of your personal injury claim, the better protected you will be against fabricated defenses that the at-fault driver and their insurance company might try and use against you. Winning a fair settlement that covers your losses is only possible when…

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What Happens if You Hit An Illegally Parked Car?

The last thing you hope to happen when you are driving down the road is to have a collision with an illegally parked car. When someone or something else causes an accident that leads to injuries, you will generally be entitled to compensation for the related costs. Determining who is at fault is the first step in a long claims process toward recovering your damages. When it comes to hitting an illegally parked car, both parties involved will generally be liable. This is because all drivers have a duty to exercise reasonable care and…

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What Is Secondary Brain Injury?

A brain injury is a significant injury that can forever change the way in which you are able to live your life, and also work and support your family. However, it can be difficult to understand the many different types of brain injury that you could experience. Brain injuries are often referred to as “primary brain injuries” and “secondary brain injuries”. The type of brain injury most people hear about is primary brain injury. These are brain injuries that happen during an initial incident or accident that cause a shift in the physical structures…

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What is a Settlement in a Personal Injury Case?

If you and your attorney are able to prove your case, you’ll be awarded a settlement that covers the cost of your damages. This includes your medical bills, lost wages, lost earning potential, and in some cases pain and suffering. An experienced Omaha personal injury attorney from Knowles Law Firm is standing by to provide you with a risk-free, cost-free case assessment to discuss options on how we can help. The Personal Injury Claim Filing Process in Nebraska Under Nebraska laws outlined in Chapter 25 of Nebraska’s legislature, injured persons have a right to…

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