March 2020

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Who Is Liable for a Self-Driving Vehicle Accident?

Self-driving vehicles are not a new concept, but they are a relatively new reality. The technology is not yet perfect, with glitches and malfunctions that have cost lives. The first recorded death involving a self-driving car occurred in Tempe, Arizona in 2018, when the driverless technology failed to detect a crossing pedestrian. The vehicle struck and killed the pedestrian when she tried to cross the street. When a driverless vehicle gets into an accident, the question of liability can be a difficult one to answer. Fault may come down to the vehicle manufacturer, the…

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What Can I Do If the Responsible Party Can’t Pay?

You do not automatically receive compensation when the small claims court rules in your favor. Winning an insurance claim or personal injury lawsuit does not guarantee you will obtain the compensation owed. The defendant must have the means to pay the settlement or verdict ordered. If the responsible party cannot pay, you may have other outlets available for financial recovery. Otherwise, you might end up paying for your losses out of pocket. Find Out Whether the Defendant Can Pay The best thing you can do is hire a lawyer that practices the type of…

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Is it Legal to Lane Split on a Motorcycle in Nebraska?

Lane splitting refers to riding between two lanes of same-direction traffic on a motorcycle, rather than keeping only in one lane. Motorcyclists may try to lane split to pass slower-moving vehicles in heavy traffic. Lane splitting is an illegal traffic maneuver for motorcyclists in every state except California and Utah. It is not legal to lane split on a motorcycle in Nebraska. Doing so could mean a traffic infraction and fines, as well as civil liability if the motorcyclist causes a motorcycle accident. Why Do Motorcyclists Lane Split? Lane splitting became a subject of…

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What Is a Broadside Accident?

Of the many different types of auto collisions, a broadside accident is one of the most dangerous. In a broadside accident, one vehicle strikes the broadside – the side, not the front or rear – of another. Other names for broadside accidents are T-bone collisions or side impacts. Determining liability can be difficult after a broadside accident. Proving fault is not always easy. Unique Factors in a Broadside Accident Broadside accidents might not be unique, but they pose unique threats to victims. The way a T-bone crash occurs can seriously injure occupants of both…

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What Is Subrogation?

After suffering an injury in any type of accident and pursuing an insurance claim, you might hear the term subrogation from your provider. It is a relatively simple process, but it can be confusing for you as an insurance policyholder or claimant. It will mean your insurance company has stepped in to take your place during a claim. Subrogation will not happen in every personal injury case. It is your insurance company’s legal right, however, and may apply to your case depending on the circumstances. Steps of Subrogation Subrogation is a legal right insurance…

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I Was Involved in a Car Accident Out of State… Now What?

Getting into a car accident in your own state, where you are familiar with the crash laws and insurance system, can be difficult enough. If you are traveling through another state and get into a vehicle collision, you might not know how to bring an insurance claim or recover compensation. The good news is your vehicle insurance follows you to other states. The bad news is you could end up in a legal battle in the state where your accident occurred. Follow the Same Steps as a Crash in Your State In the beginning,…

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