June 2020

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What Is Pro Se Litigation?

As the injured victim (plaintiff) in a personal injury lawsuit in Nebraska, you need to know several important laws and legal terms. Having at least a basic grasp of Nebraska’s personal injury terms could help you protect your rights. Choosing pro se litigation, for example, could be a costly mistake for you as a plaintiff or the right choice, depending on the circumstances. Explore the pros and cons of pro se litigation with help from an Omaha personal injury lawyer before making your decision. Definition of Pro Se Litigation Pro se litigation is the…

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What are Nebraska’s Fireworks Laws?

With Independence Day around the corner, it is important to review the firework laws, rules and statutes in your city and state. Every year, broken firework statutes and the reckless use of fireworks lead to thousands of preventable fires, destroyed properties and personal injuries. Some common serious injuries include third-degree burns and traumatic amputations. Obeying Nebraska’s fireworks laws this Fourth of July could keep you and your family free from personal injuries. It could also help you avoid legal trouble for violating Nebraska’s fireworks laws. Limits on Sale Dates In Nebraska, the State Fire…

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What Are the Long-Term Effects of a Concussion?

Many people see concussions as minor head injuries – nothing to worry about. In reality, a concussion is a traumatic brain injury that can have several immediate and lasting symptoms for a victim. Severe or multiple concussions can lead to long-term and even life-threatening damages and disabilities. If someone else’s negligence gives another person a concussion, the at-fault party may owe the victim compensation for past and future damages in Omaha. Learn more through a consultation with a personal injury attorney. Cognitive Deficits Research into concussions has shown that a brain with this type…

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What Is the Statute of Limitations On Elder Abuse?

Elder abuse is a crime as well as a civil tort. Someone guilty of committing elder abuse could face both criminal and civil liability for the victim’s injuries and damages. As the injured senior citizen or a family member, you may have the right to bring a civil claim against a perpetrator for elder abuse in Nebraska. An Omaha elder abuse attorney can help you navigate key laws that may affect your claim, including the statute of limitations. What Is a Statute of Limitations? All criminal and civil actions in Nebraska have statutes of…

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If I Was Injured in the Middle of a City Street, Who Is Liable?

Your city has a legal responsibility for your safety. It must take reasonable steps to prevent common hazards and risks, including dangerous and defective roadways, sidewalks and intersections. If your city fails to fulfill these duties of care and you suffer an injury as a result, the city government may owe you financial compensation. A premises liability lawyer in Omaha can go over your rights as an injured victim after an accident on a city street. City Liability for Dangerous Premises in Omaha Cities, states and other municipalities share many of the same legal…

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