May 2020

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I Hit a Parked Car… Now What?

Not all car accidents involve two moving vehicles. Many involve parked cars – often without the owner present. Hitting a parked car brings with it the same driver responsibilities as a moving car accident in Nebraska. The at-fault driver must stop at the scene, exchange information and file an insurance claim. Taking the right steps after hitting a parked car in Omaha can improve the insurance process. It can also help you avoid criminal charges for a hit-and-run. Pull Over State requirements in Nebraska make it mandatory to stop at the scene of any…

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What Are the Most Common Playground Injuries?

A playground should be a safe place for children. It should have safety-approved equipment, well-maintained grounds and adequate child supervision. A playground should not contain hazards or defects that pose undue risks to children. Although some playground injuries arise from typical child’s play, other child injuries result from property or equipment defects. Compensation may be available for some of the most common playground injuries depending on the cause of the accident. Broken Bones About 56% of playground injuries that require hospitalization are fractures and abrasions, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention….

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What Are the Long-Term Effects of a Dog Bite?

A dog attack can be one of the most gruesome and traumatic incidents for victims and bystanders. The nature of a dog attack can be highly psychologically scarring. It can also leave behind physical scarring and disfigurement. Even a minor dog bite could become infected and cause health complications. The Nebraska courts recognize a dog bite victim’s right to file a claim for compensation for the long-term effects of an injury. Complications and Infections It is critical to treat a dog bite injury immediately after it happens. Waiting can increase the risks of the…

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What Are the Most Common Causes of a Concussion?

A concussion is traumatic brain injury (TBI). It is a relatively common injury in the US and the most common type of brain injury. Concussion is the term physicians use to describe a mild traumatic brain injury, typically arising from a bump or blow to the skull. A concussion could also occur from violent movement or shaking that causes the brain to strike the inside of the skull. Despite being classified as a mild TBI, a concussion could have serious and long-lasting effects on a patient. Most concussions are preventable and arise from negligence-related…

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How Long Can I Wait to File a Lawsuit?

If you were in an accident that gave you a significant injury or took the life of a loved one, you have the right to file a lawsuit against the party that caused your accident in Nebraska. A lawsuit could give you the peace of mind, justice and closure you need to finally move forward. It could also provide your family with the financial ability to pay off your medical bills, property repairs and other damages related to the accident. If you have grounds for a lawsuit, however, you must act quickly to file…

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What Are the Psychological Effects of Being in a Car Accident?

Most car accidents do not cause physical injuries alone. They can also affect a victim psychologically, mentally and emotionally. The psychological effects of being in a car accident can remain long after physical injuries have healed. In Nebraska, the civil courts give crash survivors the right to pursue compensation for their nonphysical as well as physical injuries. You may be eligible for an emotional injury award as a car accident victim in Omaha. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is one of the most common psychological effects of being in an auto accident….

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