Guide to Post-Accident Investigation: When Law Enforcement Will Not Make a Report of the Vehicle Accident

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If you get hit by another vehicle in a car accident, one of the first actions you may take is calling the police. Typically, when police arrive at the scene, they start creating a report, which contains information about the accident, including the potential cause. However, there may be some cases in which the police do not make a report. They may think the accident is not serious enough or there were no injuries. However, if you discover your injuries after the accident, you may wonder if you can still file a claim and prove fault without a police report.

Our experienced Omaha car accident lawyers at Knowles Law Firm understand how to handle complex motor vehicle accident cases, so you can trust us to take on your claim, even if you do not have a police report. With our high-quality, comprehensive services, we have obtained multi-million dollar settlements for our clients, giving you the peace of mind that your claim is in capable hands.

Can You File a Car Accident Claim Without a Police Report in Nebraska?

While police reports are often valuable and helpful evidence in a car accident claim, you may still pursue and achieve compensation without one.

After a car accident, it is often advisable to contact the authorities and report the accident, even if there are no obvious injuries or serious damages. When the police arrive, they often create a report that serves as the official record of the accident.

However, an officer may refuse to write one, even if you ask for the report for insurance purposes. In these situations, it is crucial to remember that while having a police report is helpful, it is not necessary to file a claim.

Therefore, if an officer does not make a report of your car accident, you can still file a claim and pursue financial compensation for your losses. However, the process can be more challenging without a police report, so having a seasoned lawyer’s help can significantly increase your chance of achieving a successful outcome. 

How to Prove Fault Without a Police Report After a Nebraska Car Accident

If an officer does not create a police report for your accident, you may still take your own actions and get help from our dedicated legal team at Knowles Law Firm to prove the liable party neglected their duty of care and directly caused the accident and your injuries. You can exchange information with the other party or parties involved and take photos and videos of the scene.

We also conduct a thorough investigation of the accident and collect important information, including the following:

  • Medical documents, including your records, bills, doctor’s notes, and test results
  • Traffic and security camera footage
  • Dashcam footage
  • Witness testimony
  • Expert opinion from accident reconstructionists or traffic analysts
  • Repair bills
  • Personal statements

With other evidence available to help demonstrate the liable party’s negligence, you can still build a strong claim without the existence of a police report. Our talented attorneys are here to guide you through every stage of the legal process and negotiate with insurance adjusters to secure a fair settlement. 

Seek Guidance From the Experienced Nebraska Car Accident Lawyers at Knowles Law Firm

A police report is an official recording of the details of a car accident. A police officer typically creates this report once they arrive at the scene of an accident, but in some cases, they may refuse to do so.

While not having a police report may be worrisome, it is important to remember this document does not strictly determine fault or damages. Our reputable Knowles Law Firm lawyers thoroughly investigate your claim to prove negligence without a police report.

With over 55 years of experience and a proven track record of success, our car accident attorneys are fully prepared to take on your Nebraska auto accident claim, no matter how complex. We offer complete legal services, taking the weight of the process off your shoulders so you can focus on recovery.

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