Questions to Ask During Your Legal Consultation 

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If you get injured in an accident in Omaha, Nebraska, consulting with a personal injury lawyer can help you understand your rights and legal options moving forward. The first step in your legal journey is a free legal consultation with one or more prospective lawyers. Use this list of questions to ask during your initial case review to get all of the facts and information you need to choose the right attorney.

How Much Experience Do You Have With My Type of Case?

First, assess the lawyer’s skillset in your practice area. Ask how many years of experience the lawyer has with similar cases. You should choose an attorney who either specializes in your practice area or has several years of experience successfully handling your type of case, such as car accidents or slip and falls. This will give the lawyer hands-on experience and knowledge to put toward your case.

Do You Have Any Special Training or Experience That Would Help My Case?

Dive deeper into the attorney’s legal background by asking if he or she has any additional training or experience that would help your specific case. While this is not a requirement, it can show you that a lawyer is a better fit for your case than someone with less experience and training. You may need special knowledge of drunk driving car accident laws, for example, if you were injured in this type of wreck, for effective representation.

What Was the Result of a Case You Handled That Was Similar to Mine?

Although no lawyer should ever guarantee positive results for your personal injury case, an experienced attorney will have a track record of success in your practice area. Ask if there are results that you can view on comparable cases, such as prior settlements or judgment awards obtained for injuries similar to yours. While past success does not guarantee a positive result for your case, it shows that the lawyer has what it takes to win. Ask about awards, accolades and recognition to get a better idea of the lawyer’s success, as well.

What Does Your Typical Client Look Like?

Ensure the lawyer that you choose is the right fit for you by asking what his or her typical client looks like. Certain lawyers specialize in representing businesses, corporations or insurance companies rather than individuals, for example. Similarly, some lawyers will only accept major cases that are worth a lot of money or cases that most likely won’t go to court. Make sure you and your attorney are on the same page when it comes to how to handle your case.

What Strategy Would You Use on My Case?

Look for an attorney who is willing to personalize his or her legal strategies based on each unique case and client. An individualized strategy can improve your chances of obtaining maximum financial compensation. Your lawyer should make the effort to tailor a legal strategy based on your needs and goals for optimal results. Ask the attorney if he or she believes your case will have to go to trial, for example. Although most personal injury cases are resolved with settlements, a lawyer with trial capabilities may be able to obtain greater compensation for your losses.

How Much Are Your Legal Fees?

Finally, you should be comfortable with how much the personal injury lawyer charges. Do not be afraid to ask about attorney’s fees. The lawyer you choose should be open and honest about how much representation will cost. If you do not want to pay your lawyer upfront, for example, look for a personal injury law firm that operates on a contingency fee basis. With this payment arrangement, you will only pay if and when your lawyer secures financial compensation for your case.

If you’re ready to discuss your case with an attorney in Omaha, contact Knowles Law Firm to request a free consultation. We will answer all of these questions and more to determine if we’re the right fit for you.