Car Seat Laws in Nebraska

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Nevada has a strong record of car seat safety, with The Safety Restraint Coalition noting that in 2016 records show that 96% of children in Nebraska were safely secured in vehicles by following the state’s car seat law and restraint safety. However, despite this strong record of safety, there were a number of injuries to children in accidents, whether due to their being too large for car seats or booster seats, or because drivers do not follow the law.

Failure to Follow Child-Seat Laws Can Lead to Significant Injury

When children are not adequately secured in their car seat in line with Nebraska law, tragic injuries to young persons can occur. When children are not properly secured in the vehicle, they are put at a significantly greater risk of head and spinal injuries. Research conducted by the National Highway Safety Transportation Administration found that the most severe injuries occur as a result of frontal collisions.

Nebraska Car Seat Laws and Recent Updates

To ensure the safety of children in vehicles in Nebraska, the state has established strong child restraint laws, and continues to update them, with the most recent revision happening in 2019. Understanding the car seat laws is important to ensure the safety of children riding in vehicles in the state, and to help control the severity of injuries that result from crashes.

Important Nebraska car seat laws include:

  • Children under the age of 2 must be in a rear-facing restraint system
  • Children who are 8 or under must be provided with a booster seat or a car seat
  • Children aged 8 or below must ride in the back seat only, with the proper restraint system
  • Daycare institutions must provide a proper restraint system for children anytime that they travel

Violation of the car seat laws in Nebraska are not taken lightly, and can lead to:

  • A $25 fine
  • Potentially the assessment of your driver’s license and your right to drive in the state, depending upon the circumstances of the violation

Securing children under the age of 2 in a rear-facing restraint system helps to ensure the safety of your child. The American Academy of Pediatrics even highlights the importance of rear-facing car seats for those aged 2 and under given their ability to reduce injury substantially in comparison to front-facing car seats. Small children do not have the neck strength to handle the force associated with front-facing collisions, as are common, so the rear-facing seat helps to protect their neck at sudden stops or during accidents.

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