What Information Do You Need for a Car Accident Claim?

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Filing a car accident claim is the only way to receive compensation for expenses such as vehicle repairs and medical bills. For your claim to succeed, you will need to gather certain pieces of information. Collecting critical documents for settling a car accident claim can make your legal experience easier. Get the most from your car accident case by preparing the necessary information from day one.

Information From the Scene

It is best to collect information while at the scene of your car accident, if possible. If your injuries prevent you from doing so, you can return to the scene of the crash later. You can also trust a friend or family member to collect key information for you. Write down the full name, address and phone number of the other driver. Record the license plate number, insurance information and a description of the vehicle, as well.

On the day of the crash or shortly after, write down a description of what happened while the details are still fresh in your mind. Include important details such as the date, time and location of the accident, as well as how many people were involved and who you believe is at fault. Information collected from the scene can help you prove liability later.

Photographs and Videos

One of the most important types of evidence to have during a car accident claim in Nebraska is photographic evidence. Pictures and video footage of the scene of the car accident may serve as undeniable proof of the other driver’s fault. Photographs of vehicle damage, for example, can allow crash reconstructionists to piece together the dynamics of the collision. Do your best to capture up-close photos of both vehicles and any key pieces of evidence, such as tire marks on the road. Capture wide-lens shots of the entire crash scene, as well.

Statements From Eyewitnesses

Before you leave the scene of a car accident, ask for the names and contact information of anyone around who saw the crash occur. You can even go so far as to record or write down their statements, if possible. Otherwise, obtain their phone numbers and call them later for statements. Eyewitness statements can provide key information about how and why the accident happened, such as one of the drivers speeding or running a red light. If you are not in a fit state to speak to eyewitnesses, the police can do so for you.

Copy of the Police Report

Call the police after any car accident in Omaha to receive an official record of what happened. The police can document important facts related to your case, as well as take official photographs for you. While at the crash scene, ask for your police report number. Then, in the days following your crash, contact the police department in the county where your accident occurred to ask for a copy of the accident report.

Medical Records

Always go to the hospital after a car accident, even if you do not think you are injured. You may have injuries that have not yet shown symptoms, such as a hidden back or head injury. Make copies of all relevant medical records and documents, including x-rays, test results, letters from your doctor and prescriptions. Medical records can be critical during your injury claim.

Phone Number of a Car Accident Lawyer

Finally, you will need the contact information of a reputable car accident lawyer in your city. A lawyer will give you access to important information and resources for your claim, such as car accident experts. Bring all of the information and documentation you have regarding your car accident to an attorney. The more information you collect, the stronger your case will become. Work closely with your lawyer to obtain fair compensation for your past and future losses.