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Rental properties and landlord complaints are often the bane of your existence when renting a property.  It is very rare that a landlord can seem to do anything right to appease renters.  However, many of these complaints are well-founded and may lead to liability against your landlord.  If you have a particularly egregious situation caused by your landlord, you may be entitled to receive compensation for injuries that occurred as the result of landlord negligence.

Responsibilities of a Landlord in Nebraska

A landlord may be liable for injuries sustained during the routine use of property or after repeated requests to fix a defect.  Landlords are the person responsible for protecting your safety and the safety of your family while on their premises and have a duty to keep their property free from hazards.  Any breach of this duty could lead to liability on the part of the landlord.

Common negligent items which, left unintended, could lead to severe injuries include:

  • Broken stairs or staircase
  • Rickety balcony or railing
  • Loose wires
  • Unsupervised pool
  • Holes
  • Down trees
  • Broken locks or windows

Both large and small rental properties contain similar issues on an ongoing basis.  Homes need to be continuously inspected for signs of “wear and tear” that have the potential to lead to serious injuries.  Additionally, a landlord must post warnings signs in front of any known hazard, including items that may be an “attractive nuisance” to children, such as unsupervised pools.  The failure of a landlord to warn that no lifeguard is on duty could result in drowning injuries or even tragic deaths of young children.

A landlord is responsible for securing the property and this often means more than warning of any hidden dangers.  This may often mean protecting their tenants from theft and assault, such as by ensuring all locks and window locks are working properly.  The failure to secure their property against theft could result in liability against the landlord after a violent theft or assault occurs, on both a criminal and civil scale.

Landlord Negligence Injuries

The failure to warn of a potential hazard or to clean up a dangerous location could easily result in a number of injuries, including:

  • Broken bones
  • Concussions
  • Head injuries
  • Electrocution
  • Amputation
  • Drowning

A landlord may be held liable not only for the medical costs of these injuries, but also related costs, including the cost of rent for the property.  A personal injury attorney will be able to better evaluate your unique case and determine the total cost of your damages.

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If you or a loved one have been injured due to a defect in your leased property, do not hesitate to contact the attorneys of the Knowles Law Firm.  A landlord who leases out property to tenants must uphold a duty of safety to any leasees of the property.  Failure to keep the property free from hazards and other potential dangers should result in liability against the landlord.  Contact our Omaha, Nebraska offices today for your initial free consultation during which we will walk through the facts of your case and discuss the recovery options.